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My Amsterdam for your Paris

  • Le jeu 13 jan 2011 à 17:42
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Hi! I'm a master student sociology at the university of Amsterdam.

The beginning of April I'm planning to go to Paris until August to work and take french classes.
I would like to exchange my studio near the centre of Amsterdam for you place in Paris. It is a new building and it is on a very good location (10minute bike ride & 5minute subway ride to the centre) (10 minute bike ride & 7minute tram ride to the Pijp). It is on a 5minute walk from station Amsterdam Amstel, from there a lot of busses, metro's, trains and trams go to everywhere in the city and it is also a good connection point to the rest of the Netherlands.

I'm flexible on the date, if you want to come earlier or if you are staying longer in Holland, that can be made possible. I am responsible and very clean and I don’t smoke.

Email me for questions or pictures ().

Kind regards,